Why Marijuana Should Be Legal by Ed Rosenthal & Steve Kubby


Despite government effots to isolate and eliminate its use, marijuana is more popular now than ever. In Why Marijuana Should Be Legal, co-authors Ed Rosenthal and Steve Kubby present a clear and concise analysis of the effects of marijuana and marijuana laws on society. The book addresses the laws from eight vantage points including criminal, economic, national security, health, and constitutional. New coverage discusses why marijuana isn't legal, and how U.S. marijuana lawss are based on inaccurate and outdated information. Extensive notes provide convincing documentation of the arguments presented, and are often derived from the government's own studies. Charts and graphs illustrate the injustice of American marijuana legislation.


In 30 years of study, Ed Rosenthal has written or edited over a dozen books on marijuana cultivation and social policy and, in his "Ask Ed" column, has been sharing marijuana advice for two decades. In January 2003, Rosenthal was tried and convicted on marijuana cultivation charges related to his involvement with Oakland California's medical marijuana program. The outcome of his appeal will affect the status of medical marijuana for patients and caregivers in California and around the nation for years to come.


Steve Kubby founded the American Medical Marijuana Association, a national organization dedicated to protecting seriously ill patients' rights to use cannabis. He was recently tried, and found innocent in a medical marijuana case in California. He has since sought political asylum in Canada.

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