Weed: The User's Guide by David Schmader


The definitive guide to high culture


Here you'll learn:

  • The difference between a blunt and a spliff
  • How to make the world's best pot brownies
  • Which presidents were potheads
  • How to turn an apple into a pipe
  • What to do if you are high and you don't like it


"If weed's already a part of your life, this fun and insightful book is the perfect owner's manual. And for those whom it's not, David Schmader answers all the basic questions you were too afraid to ask. By the end of the book, Schmader feels like both a brother and a trusted friend." - Rick Steves


"The world has enough books dealing in stoner stereotypes. David Schmader's funny, fact-packed Weed is something new and necessary." - Reggie Watts, star of IFC's Comedy Bang Bang

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