The Sinsemilla Technique by Kayo


Are you curious about the millions of people who leave legal occupations behind to cultivate illicit cannabis? The Sinsemilla Technique by Kayo, reveals how decades of emotional reaction to cannabis has stimulated the growth of the sinsemilla phenomenon.

Written for the curious as well as the experienced, The Sinsemilla Technique presents inside information from cultivators and law enforcement alike. This information, together with photographs and illustrations, provides an excellent insight into the millions of small gardens that make up the sinsemilla story.


  • How the sinsemilla technique evolved and how it differs from other horticultural techiques
  • How supply and demand affect the production of sinsemilla
  • How the genertic characteristics of seed strains are manipulated to improve quality and productivity
  • How cuttings and other propagation techniques are used to produce more subtance value with less resources
  • How microclimates - indoors, outdoots, and greenhouses - are made more efficient and productive
  • How soil, nutrient, and water systems vary from garden to garden
  • How sinsemilla cultivators camouflage and protect their plants and themselves
  • How Marijuana Eradication Teams detect and destroy sinsemilla gardens
  • How sinsemilla is harvested, manicured, packaged, and marketed.

The Sinsemilla Technique is an insight into a cultivation production technique. It is a method of producing more substance value with fewer resources. Today, the technique is employed almost exclusively in the production of cannabis. In the near future, it will be employed in the production of food.

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