The Great Books of Hashish Volume I: Book III By Laurence Cherniak

The Great Books of Hashish Volume I: Book III By Laurence Cherniak


"A superb book, especially from the pictorial view-point and it should go far in an educational effort towards understanding the use of Cannabis as a psychotropic plant.

As interest in the use of Cannabis products as psychoactive agents increases, books like this one serve in providing a picture of the worldwide significance of the plant as a mind altering aspect of human culture that goes back for a millennia in certain areas of the globe. I look forward to subsequent volumes."

-Dr. Richard Evans Schultes, Ph. D., Jeffery Professor of Biology, Director Botonical Museum, HARVARD UNIVERSITY


"I first saw Laurence's books in the early 70s. They were the finest quality books, colour photos and explanations that I have never seen on cannabiss and hashish. 

No one, even comes close to Cherniak's comprehensive photos and editorials. All these years have passed and Laurence can still be proud of having the finest photographs of cannabis and hashish that I have ever seen. I grew up on his books."

-Jack Herer, Author The Emperor Wears No Clothes


"LAURENCE CHERNIAK's books are very far above all the other books that I have seen in the last 25 years regarding marijuana and hashish. Laurence always gives me the sense of living splendidly while travelling around in a great big world. Reading his books transports you on a journey throughout the continents, showing not only the richest substances; but also the people".

-Ben Dronkers, Founder of SensiSeeds, Holland.

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