Opium for the Masses by Jim Hogshire

Opium for the Masses by Jim Hogshire


Opium. Known as "The Mother of All Analgesics," it's a probably the greatest pain killer ever discovered. Opium is the parent of morphine, heroin, laudanum, Darvocet, Darvon, and many other pain relievers. Opim causes poets to rhapsodize and nations to go to war. "Religion...is the opium of the people," said Karl Marx, but some people insits on the real thing.

In Opium for the Masses, Jim Hogshire tells you everything you want to know about the beloved poppy and its amazing properties, include...

  • What does the opium high feel like?
  • How addictive is opium? How hard is it to kick?
  • The stunning similarities between opium and your body's natural endorphins.
  • What is the strongest drug in the world?
  • Morphine and its derivatives, both pharmaceutical and street.
  • How to grow opium poppies
  • Sources for fertile opium poppy seeds
  • How to harvest the opium from a crop of poppies.
  • How to make poppy tea.
  • Other ways of making and ingesting opium
  • And much more.

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