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Marijuana Smoker's Guidebook by Matt Mernagh

Marijuana Smoker's Guidebook by Matt Mernagh

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Can you tell your Hindu Kush from your White Widow? Your OG Star from your Trainwreck?


Marijuana activist and Cannabis Champion Matt Mernagh is on a mission - a mission to stop you from smoking bad quality weed and buying sugared buds masquerading as Sour Diesel. In this handy, pockey-sized guide, he's bought, toked, photographed, and reviewed 150 of the most common cannabis strains so that you can see what's up before you exchange cash for your stash!


With beautifully detailed, full-colour photos to help you identify and enjoy your buds, this helpful handbook tells you how popular strains look, feel, smell, and taste - as well as what kind of high you'll get, all in the inimitable writing style of Canada's most celebrated pothead. This is a must have for any budding cannabis connoisseur!

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