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Marijuana Made Simple by Mediman

Marijuana Made Simple by Mediman

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Marijuana gardening 1-2-3

Easy step-bys-step instructions that offer expert advice from a professional, licensed marijuana grower.

Written for the absolute beginner, Marijuana Made Simple is the only fully-illustrated, no-nonsense guide available to take new growers through the entire cultivation process; from choosing a strain and setting up a grow room, to cloning plants and harvesting the finished buds. With over 350 step-by-step photos, this is marijuana gardening at its most simple.

Hundreds of step-by-step instrucions and photos for building and maintaining a successful indoor marijuana garden, including:

  • How to choose a marijuana grow space
  • Installing the walls, ceilings, and floors of your grow room
  • Choosing and installing the right lights for your grow space
  • Growing your plants from seeds or clones to harvested bud
  • Using the right nutrients to maximize your grow
  • Methods for growing the maximum amount of marijuana in a limited space with only a few plants
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