Healing Cannabis Edibles by Ellen Novack and Pat Crocker

Healing Cannabis Edibles by Ellen Novack and Pat Crocker


Pat Crocker and Ellen Novack have written a revolutionary Cannabis cookbook. Their intention is to help you make informed decisions about consuming Cannabis and to encourage safe experimentation to improve your health.

Healing Cannabis Edibles explores eight medical conditions: Appetite Loss, Athletic Enhancement, Anxiety, Epilepsy, Inflammation, Memory, Pain, and Sleep.



-Investigate strains and ratios of THC and CBD for your health

-Understand the entourage effect of Cannabis and other power herbs

-Make healthy drinks, snacks, and other savoury recipes that contain a standard dose of THC/CBD in every serving

-Take the guesswork out of dosing using edibles

-Learn about decarboxylation

-Follow our easy recipes for infusing oils and butter, honey, nut butter, spice pastes, tinctures, salves, and spa products

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