Hashish: The Joy of Making and Curing by Laurence Cherniak & Alan Dronkers

Hashish: The Joy of Making and Curing by Laurence Cherniak & Alan Dronkers


One of the earliest techniques to win the resin from the female flowers is the use of a silk screen. This ancient process is laborious. Just before the turn of the last century we experienced revolutionary inventions to automate resin extraction. New, in this century, comes "Curing the Resin".

Since ancient times the resin was won by gently rustling the trimmings over a screen. In the 1970s people started to trim the plants so they could obtain the pure resin (hashish). Nowadays, a few lucky people use only trimmed buds. Any of the dry screening procedures are intended to make tiny dried resin trichomes fall through these fine mesh screens. The screens also hold back other plant matter or impurities. Resin purity depends on the fineness of the screens that are used.

A major influence in these latest revolutionary inventions are resin extraction machines. One of them is known as "The Pollinator System". It makes dry resin extraction easy. The great thing about the collected resin, screened in this dry way, is that it has a beautiful aroma right from the start; is very characteristic of hashish.

The ice water extraction method is another revolution in winning the resin. It is very popular nowadays. Visualize a bucket, containing 1 to 3 bags with increasingly finer screens at their bottoms. Placed in the bags are water with normal size ice cubes and the leaf clippings or buds, (the closer to 0 degrees Celsius the better). Then a blender/mixer is used to agitate the ice water and plant matter. The coldness causes the resin to harden and not to stick to everything. Through rustling against each other the brittle resinous trichomes break off and sink through the screens. Each gauge screen collects unique sizes of pieces of resin.

The resin won by this water system is cleaner (and more beneficial medicinally) than the dry system. The wet resin must then be dried. Unfortunately it will not have the fine aroma like the resin won in the dry screening method. By curing the water-resin (a completely new concept) much of the aroma will return. It will become a lively hash.

The latest development in the field of the ice water systems is an automated (washing) machine. All people have to do is add ice water, the plant material and turn on the timer to 10-15 minutes. Then this machine does its job. The resin is collected in a fine screen just like with the normal ice water system. Before starting any curing with the collected ice water resin, it has to be well dried. This booklet reports it all and shows it all.