Ecstasy: The Complete Guide by Julie Holland, M.D.

Ecstasy: The Complete Guide by Julie Holland, M.D.


Not since the 1960s has the world witnessed a drug phenomenon like the rapid and widespread emergence of Ecstasy. Described by enthusiasts as the most intense euphoria they know and by detractors as a cause of brain damage and even death, Ecstasy has engendered unprecedented levels of interest - and misinformation. While Ecstasy is found across America in living rooms and dance clubs, reliable information about the drug is not. Now, Ecstasy: The Complete Guide takes the first unbiased look at the risks and the benefits of Ecstasy and the real drug behind it, MDMA, offering a critical resource for anyone seeking credible information.

From the world's leading experts on MDMA, readers will learn the science of how it works; the health risks associated with the drug; its promise as a treatment for depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic pain, and other illnesses; how to minimize the health risks of illicit use. Whether you are a concerned parents, a professional wanting the most recent reports on MDMA research, or a raver, Ectasy: The Complete Guide provides the answers you need.

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