Easy Grinder Clear

Easy Grinder Clear


Easy automatic electric grinder. USB charging


1. Screw chamber to pen

2. Once open, insert up to 2.3g of dried herbs into the chamber, screw the chamber back on. If herbs are too large to fit, break them into smaller pieces.



1. Switch your device on and off by pressing the button three times in 1.5s. The LED lights indicate whether your device is on or off.



1. Pressing the button for about 8s will shred the herbs

2. After grinding the herbs, remove the thread cap. Press the button to pour out the herbs.



1. Insert the provided USB cable into the side of your grinder and connect it to a 5v USB power source.

2. The LED light will light up gradually indicating the level of charge. When all four lights are on, your device is fully chraged.

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