Cannabis Regeneration by JB Haze

Cannabis Regeneration by JB Haze


The 1st book to explain how to regenerate a harvested plant. Revolutionize your marijuana garden. Harvest tons of bud again & again from the same plant.


This guide book will teach marijuana growers how to re-use the roots of their cannabis plants for repeated harvests EVERY 38 days.

Regenerating harvested cannabis plants has long been discussed by veteran growers, but JB Haze is the first to explain how to do it with step-by-step photos describing every part of the process.


Seeds and clones take much longer to produce bud than regenerated cannabis roots. With this book, growers can produce high quality buds faster and cheaper than ever before. Learn how to revolutionize your marijuana grow, and harvest bud from regenerated roots.

This unique system will have you growing more cannabis than you can smoke, with no risk of losing entire crops due to inferior seeds or clones.

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