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Cannabis Indica Volume 1 by S.T. Oner

Cannabis Indica Volume 1 by S.T. Oner

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The only strain guide to give a complete overview of today's best indicas, Cannabis Indica is a trip through the dankest, fattest, and sickest buds his side of the Hindu Kush, featuring information about the genetic history, growing traits, taste, and (of course) effects of the very best marijuana from across the globe. Travel through breeders' gardens all over the world and discover the amazing variety this fantastic cannabis species has to offer. From Adonai Kush to Zombie Virus, Cannabis Indica features 100 of the most intense, flavourful, and strongest indicas ever grown.

With delicious, full colour photos that showcase each strain in all their glory and an introduction by Greg Green, master grower and author of The Cannabis Grow Bible, Cannabis Indica surpasses the genre and becomes something else entirely: a connoisseur's guide to the very best of indica-dominant strains.

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