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Cannabis Cultivator by Jeff Ditchfield

Cannabis Cultivator by Jeff Ditchfield

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This is the only book to explain cannabis cultivation in jargon-free terms, as if it were conventional gardening. This stunning handbook is pack with a wealth of information, from where to set up to grow, to the myriad of supplies needed and which systems work best. Whether marijuana is grown indoors or outdoors, from seedlings, or clones. or using hydroponic or organic systems, cannabis expert Jeff Ditchfield's lively and plain-speaking text provides all the answers. What's more, lavish step-by-step photography brings the entire process to life - from propgation right through to curing a harvest. With chapters on:

  • Planning Your Garden
  • Care and Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Hydroponics
  • Flowering
  • How To Make Hash
  • Propagation
  • Harvesting

You'll have all the information you'll ever need to become your very own Cannabis Cultavator.

With an authoritative yet accessible approach, this book is the indispensable guide for anyone interested in the cultivation of this fascinating plant.

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