Bongology by Chris Stone

Bongology by Chris Stone


You're doing what with that traffic cone? The same thing you're doing with those bellows. that plastic recorder from third grade, and your grandma's old teapot. You're crafting it into a state-of-the-art bong, hookah, pipe, or vaporizer!


So let the magical transformations begin, including...

  • Juice Box
  • Fruit Toot Mini-Bong
  • Box of Matches
  • Matchbox Pipe
  • Old Toy Gun
  • Fully Loaded Pipe
  • Paper Coffee Cup
  • Office Bong
  • Tiny Vodka Bottle
  • Mini Liquor Bottle Vaporizer
  • Your Little Sister's Piggy Bank
  • Piggy Bong
  • Dorm-Room Water Cooler
  • Double Bubble Party Bong

and more!